4 months later......

.....and it still hasn't worn off.

I thought Thomas and David would get over the "newness" of Maxwell.  That after time, they would get tired of him or forget that he's even there.

Boy was I wrong.

They are still just as crazy over him as they were the day we brought him home.

They feel the need to touch him constantly.  They baby talk to him.  They talk to him with excitement.  They cheer him on when he does something new.

And they love him.

They tell him that they love him.

They tell him he is the cutest baby in the world.

They call him "buddy" and try to calm him when he's upset.

And they fight over who gets to hold him first.

Thomas is awesome at wiping spit up on his own without even being asked.

David beams from ear to ear when I put Maxwell in his arms. 

They talk about sharing their toys with him and bringing him to Maine when he is bigger.

They try to include him in everything and feel bad when he misses something because he sleeping.

And just as much as Maxwell is ours, he is totally theirs.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, he is without a doubt "our" family's baby. 


I pray every day that we raise them to always love each other.

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