Internet, both of the bigger boys have had handfuls of words that they have mispronounced along the way.  I almost NEVER correct them because 1. - I love the way they say these things and 2. - Eventually they correct themselves.  It never lasts long, although Thomas STILL pronounces yellow as "lellow".

There is one word/phrase that David misuses that I've let go for too long though and finally corrected him yesterday.  I don't know if the correction stuck but I'm sure I'll find out soon.

It's the way he uses the word "instead" when what he really means is "and then".

For instance, yesterday him and Thomas had this grand plan of taking an oatmeal bath together.  I know, I know it sounds ridiculous but both of them have had such dry itchy skin lately that I thought it might help.  Over the weekend I filled the tub up real high so they could soak...........they love it!

So the whole ride home from daycare yesterday David kept saying "we'll have dinner instead we'll take a tubbie."

It stung a little but I told him he was saying it all wrong.  He looked at me confused and then corrected himself.

I feel bad that I put the kabosh on it but I'm dying to see if it stuck!

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