The Third

Internet, I have this small feeling of guilt, if that's even the right word for it.

I don't know if it's because Maxwell is most likely our last baby or if it's because the third time's the charm.  But I feel like I notice so much more about him.  It's like he's constantly under a microscope (in a good way).  Or maybe that it's I'm forgetting these things from Thomas and David.  Or maybe it's because when it comes to Maxwell, it's a family affair.  Meaning, he has 4 people constantly cheering him on, waiting for his next move.  Every little thing is a big thing.

One little thing I notice all the time, is how he touches things.  Trust me, I know this is how babies learn but this guy loves texture.

I think this picture I snapped at a restaurant captures it perfectly.  The table was not smooth and he just kept running his hands over it.

On his changing table, he realizes that the wipes container crinkles, and he does anything in his power to get his hands on it to make it crinkle.

He's also very nosey and is the biggest rubbernecker I know!

Tommorow he is 6 months old.  Which means the day after that, he's one day closer to ONE.  Time is flying with this one..............FLYING.

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