Did Santa buy that?

Internet, Thomas Trouble is catching on to commercials and it's kind of freaking me out.

I have no shame admitting that he is a movie junkie. His collection of DVDs is probably his most prized possession. And I'm okay with it. He spends the majority of his day playing indoors and outdoors, learning and reading. Movie time is his quiet time and it's his way to unwind.

When it comes to TV I'm a little sad that he's moved on from Nick Jr. to Disney and tries to get me to put on Cartoon Network. I fight that last one. Bottom line, he watches regular TV too.

So last night he's watching something and a commercial comes on for the Happy Napper. I think it's a knock-off of the Pillow Pet. He tells me that he still sometimes takes naps and that he really really wants one.

Then today while dressing him, yes, in front of the TV, another commercial comes on for some sort of be-dazzler. It wasn't the actual be-dazzler but it was similar and he was SOLD!

Lately, with all of his WANTS, I tell him he'll have to make a list and remember these things for his birthday and Christmas. And he always tells me "that's a really long time away."

He's a smart cookie though and today he balked at my "put it on your Christmas List" comments.

He said "Mom, I can't get it for Christmas or Easter (yes, the Easter Bunny brings a small gift in our house). Mom, you have to use money for these."

It made perfect sense in his mind. Stuff from Santa and the Easter Bunny just appears..........voila!

I wonder if Santa puts a Happy Napper under the tree this year if he'd ask me if Santa paid for it?

Robyn  – (August 14, 2011 at 8:52 PM)  

I get the opposite reaction. I say maybe santa will bring it and she is all good.

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