Birthday Prepping....

You guys, my baby isn't really a baby any more. But I guess he never really was a baby-baby to begin with.

He's always been two steps behind Thomas desperately trying to keep up.

It's comical to watch. As I've said before, just when you don't think he notices, he's noticing everything without skipping a beat.

He's a sidekick through and through.

And recently Thomas has used it to his advantage. I can relate though. I can totally remember my sister's putting me up to the dirty work tasks of "go ask Mom and Dad such and such....." And it's exactly what Thomas does now. If I say "no" to Thomas' requests I can time it to about 10 minutes later when David will come up asking for the same thing but saying "Thomas really wants....xy and z."

He'll practically do anything for him.

Yesterday a catalog came in the mail. It was a "party supply" catalog full of all different themed birthday party paraphernalia. You probably know by now, but picking your party theme is a pretty big thing in our house. You get to pick your theme and you get a homemade cake to match it.

Of course within 5 minutes of looking at the catalog Thomas already had his next party picked out.....Dino Train.

A funny thing happened with David though. He couldn't pick. Perhaps it's because up until now, Thomas has picked everything for him whether David knew it or not. David's just been too busy following his lead and trying to keep up rather than forging his own way.

He looked and looked and looked through the pages of that catalog. Then this morning he brought it to me and said "Mama, I can't find a party" with disappointment. And it dawned on me that everything he picked, Thomas poo-pooed.

So I took about 10 minutes before work this morning and I thumbed through the pages with just him. We laughed at the dog party and despite Thomas' cries of "Nooooo", it seems like that's what he's settled on. A dog party. For today at least. He picked it though. And that's a pretty big deal in and of itself.

Robyn  – (January 24, 2012 at 8:44 PM)  

Poor guy. I'm glad he's getting what he wants.

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