So much excitement!

Internet, we broke the baby news to Thomas Trouble and Mr. Mean today. They were definitely blindsided and most likely they don't grasp the whole thing. Thomas gets it but David not so much. When you ask David where the baby is, he will at least say "it's in your belly."

One thing is certain............they are excited!

The questions have been priceless and by far the best have been.....

Thomas: "Can we keep it?"


Thomas: "When did the baby get there?"
Me: "A little while ago."
Thomas: "How did it get there?"
And without hesitation he answered his own question.
Thomas: "It must be because I prayed for it a couple of times."

One thing's for sure..........

This baby is going to have two pretty darn awesome big brothers!

Robyn  – (January 22, 2012 at 8:54 PM)  

What you're not going to let Thomas name the baby:) BTW I love listening to you guys talk.

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