Christmas Crazy is underway....

Internet, it's going to be a loooooong month!

Yesterday was the annual Christmas parade and that's the even that kicks off the Christmas season for us.

In typical fashion, we had the car packed with half the house and we were on the road on time until I realized we forgot our Toys for Tots gifts.  Whoops!  Back to the house! 

We made it to Quincy in good time but immediately hit traffic upon getting off the highway.  Einstein took the challenge of getting to our spot into his own hands and welcomed a reason to drive like a jerk!  I won't say how many laws we broke but we made it!

The parade was long but we had fun.  The parade party afterwards was fun too!

On the ride home Thomas begged me to get his and David's little trees from the attic along with the Santa hats and antler headbands.  He wanted to play Santa and have David be his reindeer.  It's a funny site to watch! 

Our lights are up outside, candles are in the windows and the little trees are on the fireplace.  We are waiting for December 1st to put our tree up.

We're also holding off as long as possible on the Elf on the Shelf.  25 days of moving him (and trying not to forget to move him) is long enough!  Although they are already starting to look for him!

My  goald for the next month...........keep the kids from looking at Christmas catalogs and picking out more stuff!  I am DONE shopping for them!

Parades are so up David's alley..........he waves at everything like nobody's business!  He's in his element at a parade :)

The angel baby also known as Max-swell did awesome for his very first parade!  He was bundled up like a polar bear and didn't make a peep!  He just likes to be with the crew.  And if you throw him a smile every now and then, well, it rocks his world!
And a little something that is tradition-ish for me and Einstein........a cheesy self portrait or "selfie"!
And just like that, our Christmas Crazy is on like Donkey Kong!

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