Ahhh I can breathe again!

Okay Internet, I'm back! Did ya miss me? Yes, I know, I need to make a new banner for the blog and do some spiffing up around here. It's coming, it's coming.

So where have I been you might ask? I know, it's been a while. And it's all because of this guy!

Puke and all, I love him!

He's literally rocked our world! The first 12 weeks of his life were nothing short of a screaming fest! Morning, noon and night this guy screamed! He screamed so much that you'd think he'd lose his voice. Nope, he never did! He screamed so much that he made me crazy! He screamed so much that I almost couldn't hear his screams any more! He screamed so much that I tried to run away one night but only made it as far as Target and then I missed them all! He screamed so much that he made Thomas Trouble crazy! Einstein didn't like his screaming either. Luckily he got to go to work every day and only had to listen to me on the phone telling him I wanted to kill the dog! Yup, Baby David's screams made the dog crazy too! (Don't get me going about how many times he tried to run away!)

We finally got things under control during week 12 of his life. At the week 13 mark, I went back to work. It has been a rat race ever since.

So why all of the screaming? He's allergic to milk and soy. He's got severe acid reflux and immature intestines. (I'm pretty sure his intestines are better though!) He's on a prescription Baby Formula that is ridiculously expensive and it was ridiculously hard to find a place that would supply it to him that my insurance would cover. He's also on Prilosec and an antispasmodic medicine for his intestines.

July 4th was the first time we were at a get together where Baby David didn't scream!

Thank God he's cute!

(Can you tell he figured out he has tongue this weekend?)

Internet, I'm back!

P.S.................5,000 points if you can tell me what Thomas Trouble was being in this picture?

Lisa (Jonny's Mommy)  – (July 6, 2009 at 1:43 PM)  

He's being a hillbilly with his undies on his head?

Ummm...that photo of the little one spewing. That is.so.gross. I seriously sat there thinking: "What is that coming from his...oh! Yuk!"

But I'm glad he is feeling better and you are starting to recover too.

Anonymous –   – (July 6, 2009 at 1:46 PM)  

1. He is ADORABLE.

2. You have mad photo skills for catching the spew-age in action.

3. I think Thomas is posing as a basket of dirty laundry. Or the underwear monster.

Welcome back, Momma!

Robyn  – (July 6, 2009 at 5:04 PM)  

I'm glad to here things are much better. He is really cute. I seriously have no idea what T man is trying to be.

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