Rockets......... in snot rockets.  I know, kinda gross, right?  But Internet, I've just never seen anything like it!  In the three  years that I've had a child under my care now, (and that's quite a few colds under my belt already) I've just never seen snot rocket sneezes quite as impressive as Mr. Mean's!  We use to think TT's were impressive but Mr. Mean's.........well they are in a class all their own!  And just an FYI for you all........he's still being mean.  And at a month shy of the BIG 1, he's already perfected the tantrum.........complete with shreiking screams, kicking and swatting.  Oh yeah, we are in for some fun this year!  Thank goodness his meatballness is so cute to look at :)

And for some Thomas Trouble news...........I'm not buying him toys any more.  (okay, so I'll probably still buy them but he certainly doesn't NEED them!)  Everything this kid plays doesn't involve real toys any more.  All weekend all he wanted to do was play games.  Not board games or card games.......made up games.  With his rules.  We played "Wall-E" which consisted of him chasinig me around the house calling me Eva and me calling him Wall-E.  Just so you know, he spent about over an hour in the car making up the rules which included: no fighting, no killing, no going in the bedrooms because if you did you were out and HE would win, David is a baby so he couldn't play.  Yup, that last one was a rule too.  The other game he played was "Diego."  TT was Boots.  I was Alicia.  Einstein was Swiper (but Swiper was only allowed at the end of the game) and I think David was Baby Jaguar.  And then yesterday I found him playing "Toy Story" by himself.  This time he was using some soft Toy Story dolls and my throw pillows.  You know what he was doing with them?  Laying the dolls on the pillows pretending they were in their "cases" just like in Toy Story 2 (or "The Red One" as it's called in our hosue!)  And then there was this..............
They were pretending they were in a boat dodging whales.  Honestly, I'm not sure where he came up with this one.  He was using my flip flops as his "paddles."

But it all proves my point..............he doesn't NEED toys and he's got one KILLER imagination!  God I love that about him :)

Oh and this is a pretty craptastic picture but Mr. Mean does a new trick that I LOVE...........can you see it?
Yup, he now puts the TV remotes to his ears just like they are phones.  And he talks into them and even makes a noise that sounds like "hello."  I less than 3 it.........get it?  (I <3 in I heart it or I love it!  Thanks Kim-d!)
And for memories sake, here's TT on the phone!  Makes me realize I need to start charging my good camera batteries and knock it off with the iphone pics!!

Anonymous –   – (February 8, 2010 at 1:25 PM)  

He has such an awesome imagination! And apparently he and Cooper have been talking, because Wall-E is a popular game around here as well.

And LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Mr. Mean on the 'phone'!

jenny  – (February 8, 2010 at 3:33 PM)  

i love when they play a little make believe! that is one of my favorite memories from growing up is playing house, and making forts and doing all sorts of things using the imagination! it makes me so happy when kids do it now! okay, rambling, sorry.

the phone/remote shot is hilarious!

Robyn  – (February 8, 2010 at 10:31 PM)  

It amazes me how vast their imagination is sometimes.

Alice  – (February 9, 2010 at 10:46 AM)  

Shut. up. That picture of them in the laundry basket is ADORABLE. I love TT imagination. Maybe he'll grow up to be a writer.

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