I just got this picture in my email this morning.

My two guys.......the big one and the little one.
I've been told that my happy Mr. Mean will sometimes stand at the fence and yell "brother" to Thomas Trouble on the other side.
I've really ever only heard him say "brother" once at home.
I LOVE this picture though.
I love all the not-so-perfect but yet totally-perfect-to-me pictures that I get.
And I love these two brothers.
More than I ever thought I could.

kim-d  – (June 15, 2010 at 3:09 AM)  

Can I just tell you how very much I love this? Seriously, I could just cry because it's so sweet. Do they ever get to be together during the day? There is just something so poignant about seeing them look at each other with a fence between them...those are two sweet and loving brothers! :)

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