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Mr. Mean's vocabulary has TAKEN OFF!

Wake ups use to only include "Mom! Mommy! Mama! Dada! Dad!" from the crib. Now they are "Moooom! Whereareyou?"

In fact, his "Whereareyou?" is kind of like his phrase of the day. Yesterday he kept looking for Thomas Trouble while he was outside with Einstein. Mr. Mean kept going to the top of the stairs saying "Thoma, whereareyou?"

Yeah, it's not really Tommy any more either. It's more like Thoma pronounce Tom-a.

He also likes to tell you when he's having fun. He'll giggle and say "It fun!"

He's still fearless and body slams anyone he can when he's on the couch. I spied him trying to launch himself off the couch the other day and stopped it all before it got ugly.

He copies EVERYTHING Thomas does. EVERYTHING. Just when you don't think he's watching he is. It's almost like he's programmed. If Thomas walks a certain way, Mr. Mean doesn't miss a step and is instantly walking that way too.

And he still likes his bottle. Really likes it. And looks for it when it's around that time. He doesn't sit that still for it any more though. Partly because I think he knows that when he has it, bed time follows. And lately at bed time, he tells me "No. I play."

I had a hard time with Thomas Trouble getting bigger.

I'm having an EVEN HARDER time with Mr. Mean getting bigger.

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings  – (December 8, 2010 at 8:16 AM)  

I can't believe he's already saying all those words! Seems like you just gave birth to him! It's crazy! (And I feel sooo behind on baby number two!)

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