Almost 22 weeks

Amost two weeks over the hump and heading downhill.....

You guys, it's flying! With Thomas and David it felt like it took forever to cook them..........with this guy, while I'm extremely excited to meet him, time is escaping me!

Everything about this pregnancy has been different. This biggest difference is having two VERY CURIOUS little ones.

It has been so fun experiencing this with them. I am asked questions on a daily basis. Some are funny and some have me thinking "woah, how do I explain this in simple terms." They both seem to always ask "what is he doing right now?" David constantly asks if there's a baby in my chest!

Thomas is finally on board with a name that we like. He randomly told me the other day he had a dream where he called the baby by this name. He told me "it's a great name and we have to name him it." We'll see though........we need to see this little guy first.

One thing's for sure.....his little guy is so very lucky already. He has two big brothers that can't wait to hold him, love him and teach them everything they can, including science says Thomas.

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