A day away from THREE

You guys, tomorrow Mr. Mean will be three.


It snuck up on me. I am unprepared. His birthday shirt isn't yet made (it will be tonight though.)

There's been a lot of talk about his birthday and buildup and talk about his party.

Yet I'm not ready.

Denial perhaps?

He's been the baby that was never really a baby of this house for three years. But it's just that, he's never really seemed like a baby. And now he does more and more "big boy" things every day that the little bit of baby left in him is quickly slipping away.

One thing that slipped away this weekend while doing the whole bedroom change, was his use of blankies. You guys, he hasn't slept with one since last week! That is huge! Usually by the end of every week I have a hamper full of gross smelly blankies. This week I'll be lucky if I have one. And that's only because last night he was a disaster while putting drops in his ears and I suggested that we get one. A while after I put him to bed I checked on him and the blankie wasn't even near him.


Just like that he moves on without any notice.

He's such a happy guy though......in our house at least. He's always laughing or doing something funny to make us laugh. He's the resident jokester.

It's a far cry from where we were three years ago.

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