And we all smiled........

Internet, last night I put two boys to bed with smiles on their faces from ear to ear eager for today and David asking "Can I ride my bike tomorrow?"  Yes, David.  You CAN ride your bike tomorrow.

I learned a few things this week.......

1. David has determination with a capital D.

2. That being the oldest brother can be tough.

3. The feeling of complete joy when your child accomplishes something.

I got to cheer both David and Thomas on this week with those cheers coming from the very tip of my toes.
I jumped up and down like I was at a championship game.  It was awesome.

A few captions uniting brothers that I don't want to forget.........

David to Thomas: "You're really getting the hang of it!"  "Let's throw our training wheels away!"

Thomas: "Mom, me and David are kind of like twins now because we can both ride bikes."

And you've probably guessed it by now.............yes, both boys learned to ride their bikes without training wheels.  They are beyond thrilled and have each found a little bit more confidence inside their bones.

It came much more natural to David but he also put a lot of hard work into it.  He spent all of his free time over the past two weeks practicing in the driveway.

For Thomas, it took a lot of pep talk and a few tantrums but HE DID IT.

It's going to be a fun summer! 


Now I lay me down to sleep.......

Internet, I've said it since he was a baby........when Mr. Mean sleeps, he SLEEPS.  And when he's awake, he's AWAKE.

His deep sleep causes a minor problem in the bladder department but we gave up pullups a while ago.  So we have a routine before Einstein and I go to bed.

We "pee him".

I usually reach into his bed and scoop him up.  Whisper in his ear about how he's the best boy ever while carrying him to the throne.  Then I stand him up and let him do his thing.  Then I ask him "do you want a ride?" and he puts his arms up as I scoop him back up and bring him back to his room.

I plant about a million in one kisses on him telling him again that he's the best boy ever and he BEAMS and blushes.

He beams better and brighter than any picture could ever capture!

I have no idea if he even remembers this every night but it's my favorite 2 minutes of the day!


Random thoughts......

Oh Maxwell..........if only you'd someday be able to remember just how loved you've been as a baby. 

I've neglected this blog for most of your life so far but I plan to fill in the gaps.  Because those gaps are full of such good stuff! 

Regardless of the fact that you are a sleeping nightmare right now, you're the baby that makes me want 10 more!  You've brought out the good in everyone around you, especially your brothers.  I never thought it would be possible for me to enjoy watching your brothers with you as much as I do. 

But my favorite thing to do lately, is put you down on the floor and watch them play with you.

So when I say that "you're the baby that makes me want 10 more", it's not because you are better and they were bad babies.  They were equally as good, as cute and as loved.

But watching them with you is magical.

And that's why I'd want to do it all over again.



Internet, both of the bigger boys have had handfuls of words that they have mispronounced along the way.  I almost NEVER correct them because 1. - I love the way they say these things and 2. - Eventually they correct themselves.  It never lasts long, although Thomas STILL pronounces yellow as "lellow".

There is one word/phrase that David misuses that I've let go for too long though and finally corrected him yesterday.  I don't know if the correction stuck but I'm sure I'll find out soon.

It's the way he uses the word "instead" when what he really means is "and then".

For instance, yesterday him and Thomas had this grand plan of taking an oatmeal bath together.  I know, I know it sounds ridiculous but both of them have had such dry itchy skin lately that I thought it might help.  Over the weekend I filled the tub up real high so they could soak...........they love it!

So the whole ride home from daycare yesterday David kept saying "we'll have dinner instead we'll take a tubbie."

It stung a little but I told him he was saying it all wrong.  He looked at me confused and then corrected himself.

I feel bad that I put the kabosh on it but I'm dying to see if it stuck!


The Third

Internet, I have this small feeling of guilt, if that's even the right word for it.

I don't know if it's because Maxwell is most likely our last baby or if it's because the third time's the charm.  But I feel like I notice so much more about him.  It's like he's constantly under a microscope (in a good way).  Or maybe that it's I'm forgetting these things from Thomas and David.  Or maybe it's because when it comes to Maxwell, it's a family affair.  Meaning, he has 4 people constantly cheering him on, waiting for his next move.  Every little thing is a big thing.

One little thing I notice all the time, is how he touches things.  Trust me, I know this is how babies learn but this guy loves texture.

I think this picture I snapped at a restaurant captures it perfectly.  The table was not smooth and he just kept running his hands over it.

On his changing table, he realizes that the wipes container crinkles, and he does anything in his power to get his hands on it to make it crinkle.

He's also very nosey and is the biggest rubbernecker I know!

Tommorow he is 6 months old.  Which means the day after that, he's one day closer to ONE.  Time is flying with this one..............FLYING.



Maxwell, Max, Maxy, Max-a-rooski, and my favorite.............



At 4 months old....

Maxwell weighs 15lbs 13oz and is 25.25 inches long.
He's starting to outgrow his size 3-6 months clothes and is moving onto 9 month and 6-12month duds.
He happily eats cereal and his first veggie was sweet potato which he now smacks his lips for!
He is rolling over front to back and can scoot forward.  If laying on his back he can turn himself around.  He loves his exersaucer more and more each day and can turn himself around in it.
He's still working on better sleeping habits but since introducing veggies, he's sleeping through until approx. 5am.

And at 4 months old we could love him more!

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