Where's the pause button?

****Sappy "For Memory's Sake" post ahead. And it's ALL over the place.****

Internet, I know I'm not the first mother to ever say this but can't we just freeze time for a little bit? Thomas Trouble is getting too big and grown up way too fast! And I know that in less than 3 weeks, he's going to seem even bigger and even more grown up when his little brother arrives! I can't even stand it!

When do you stop going in to their rooms at night to watch them sleep and kiss their cheeks? Aside from waking him up in the morning and picking him up from school every night, checking on him right before I go to sleep is my favorite time of the day! He is still. He's in a deep sleep without a care in the world. His skin is soft. He is beautiful.

Last night he was eating apple slices while watching TV. I was a few feet away in the kitchen when I heard him start to cough/choke. I yelled in to him "Thomas, are you okay?" He yelled back "I'm okay Mamma................Thank you for asking me, Mamma."

When I picked him up from "school" yesterday his teacher told me he said "I think I see my Mamma's car!"

When did all of these long sentences start?

When Einstein will do something silly or when TT will see something on TV that's silly, he says stuff now. He use to just giggle. Now he'll say to his Daddy or Da Da "Awwwww..............Da Da that's silly!"

When we were at my parent's house this past Sunday he told my mother "Gramma I missed you."

TT's got some sensitive skin and sometimes, if he's not IMMEDIATELY changed after a poop, his bum will get red and sore INSTANTLY. It's at these diaper changes that he puts up the biggest fight. But without fail when it's all done and he's had his Desitin rubbed on, he'll look at me and say "Thank you Mamma."

When I give him his tubby and it's all over, he'll look at me and say "baby." And I'll say "Do you want me to hold you like a baby?" He shakes his head yes and I swaddle him in a hooded towel and cradle him. He likes to look at himself in the mirror being held like that and he makes the most ridiculous face thinking that this face makes him look more like a baby. He doesn't ask Einstein to do this.

Two weeks ago he woke up frantically in the middle of the night. TT NEVER gets out of his bed. Well this particular night he was out of his bed and at his gate SO FAST. He was screaming "cat in my bed! cat in my bed!" Now every night before he goes to bed he asks me if there are cats in his bed. We are not cat people. We do not have cat stuffed animals. We do not talk about cats.

The other day he asked his teacher if she wanted to come over to our house.................to play with his rocket. His Little Einstein's Pat Pat Rocket is his most precious toy. Just ask William........he had to endure the wrath of Thomas when he touched it recently. I'm told it wasn't pretty!

This picture below is of Thomas and Abby. In the picture Abby is about the same age that Thomas is right now. We thought she was so big and grown at the time, but look.........she's just a baby. I don't want to forget that when this new baby arrives in a couple of weeks........Thomas is still only 2!

I'm blaming my raging hormones for the sappiness of this post!

TWEETY-LEE  – (February 20, 2009 at 3:24 PM)  

are you having a 3rd boy? I love my 3 boys. they are like triplets, for a time. Now they are just good, close friends. I miss those years... for a moment... but do have those wonderful years close to my heart

Alice  – (February 20, 2009 at 4:12 PM)  

Well, my hormones rage with you sister! Your pics in the post below are so darn cute! I hope I look like that when I'm 8months along. You are adorable!!

and what a sweet post....

Jonny's Mommy  – (February 20, 2009 at 4:38 PM)  

If yours is hormones then what is my excuse? I'm nowhere near pregnant and not only do I feel this way about Jonathan, but I am sniffling over your little one too! Booooohoooo!

I can't believe how fast they grow!

he sounds like such a stinking cutie.

And if he is afraid of cats, he would totally hate our house. We have three. :-)

Robyn  – (February 20, 2009 at 9:17 PM)  

Ah, we are so loving the same things. We even do the baby thing she gets in my arms and says baby? and I cradle her and say my baby my baby. She laughs.
He is going to make a great big brother.

Amy  – (February 21, 2009 at 7:48 AM)  

love this mary! maybe you should "keep" some of these hormones with you after the baby comes - i like your soft side!

life is good now, but it will just get better!

kim-d  – (February 22, 2009 at 10:42 AM)  

Oh Mare. TT is going to be SUCH a good big brother. I love it when little kids call their Moms "Mama." For some reason, to me, that is just the cutest word ever from a little one. They really are little for such a short time; you're going to be glad that you document these things, especially when Baby Boy #2 comes along. It's easier, I think, to document stuff using a keyboard instead of a pen and paper or baby book. Plus, if you record it here, we get to share in the fun! :) Then, that way, when you do get a minute to update the baby book, it's all right here for you to refer back to! Have I convinced you now that you need to blog all of this fun stuff? I'm older, so I know--and you should listen to me. BWAHAHAHA!

I love the pic of little Babby (awww, remember Babby and Bamy? awww...), and Baby TT. MORE!

Please? :)

Hope your weekend has been good!

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