Purell me, STAT!

So recently we decided to take the kids out for an afternoon to the Providence Children's Museum.


Thomas Trouble HAD A BALL! He loved being able to walk/run without holding any one's hand. And he loved TOUCHING (shriek!) everything! Mr. Mean was content. I think he's going to be like his Mamma and be a total people watcher. He's nosey as hell! Einstein LOVED the water room. I seriously think HE had more fun in that room than any little kid. So much so, I was almost embarrassed to claim him! His inner engineer was really coming out in there!

Me......we'll I was not so content. I was stuck on, holy effing sugar balls, I am marinating in one big germ infested petri dish!

I'm not kidding Internet, I couldn't get beyond it. Little kids everywhere touching everything. It was like a nightmare! I know what kinds of things my own 3 year old touches.........multiply that by a hundred or so! (shivering!) (And yes, I know, I knew what I was getting myself into!)

Last night was most definitely a tubby night!

You know what else I couldn't get beyond...............the activity table with 'caps'. Laundry detergent caps, hairspray caps, milk bottle caps, apple juice container caps, etc. etc. Why haven't I thought to keep these things as toys? Oh right, because TT certainly wouldn't play with them in my house but of course he would in someone else's! Yeah, me and Einstein had fun quizzing each other as to 'what the cap came from'.
Einstein also had fun building bridges.Me and Mr. Mean had lots of fun in front of the silly mirrors!
TT at the water table! (I couldn't get one of Einstein because he was here there and everywhere in the water room!)Me and two thirds of my guys!

Excuse me while I go switch my Purell iv.

Amy  – (November 16, 2009 at 2:57 PM)  

i love your stubby pics! now did you get a good soakin in the tub too? lol hope you had fun!

Robyn  – (November 16, 2009 at 4:36 PM)  

Just think of the germs as building up their immunity.

kim-d  – (November 17, 2009 at 6:30 PM)  

Oh I am so with you on that. Whenever there are large groups of small children around, all I can think of is the snot, the pee, and the poop. In places it doesn't belong. Huge reason why you will never find me anywhere near a public swimming pool. Well, even without the small children I wouldn't go in a public pool; they just seal the deal.

Small children that I know and like are fine, and as long as there is not a whole pack of them, like, say, more than 10. Oh, and have you ever noticed how LOUD they all talk? With their high, squeaky little voices? Again, good in moderation. :)

So, did tubby time involve dipping Teddy and The Meatball each in a vat of Janitor in a Drum? :)

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