You guys, here's one more reason I've got a spot reserved for me in hell.......

Lately Mr. Mean is all about balls. No matter where we are, if he sees something and it's round, he points and says 'ball'. When he does this, which is all day long lately, all I can think about is Warren from "There's Something About Mary" and him saying "Has anyone seen my baseball?" Yessiree, I think to myself and call him Warren in my head!

And just a few more things about my Mean little scowling, blanket sucking Warren.......He's not saying tons of words but he's working on them. However, it's certainly not slowing down his communication by any means! This kid gets his point across!

He's got looks that could kill. Daggers man. He's got daggers in those eyes!
He's got lots of smiles too though.
And when he's proud of himself for doing what he's told like depositing his diaper in the trash.....he's got the cutest little "I'm so proud of me" grin! I wish I could bottle it up!
He points and throws. I've come to learn that throwing means "Mama, I don't want this!"
He stomps his feet. This usually means "Mama, you're not moving fast enough!"
And those tantrums where he throws himself completely on the floor no matter where we are......those I think mean "Mama, you are just not getting me!" or "Mama, how dare you say NO to me!"

He's running now. And he loves to show you by running from you giggling and heading right for a hiding spot. His hiding spots are either next to the toilet in the bathroom or behind the chair in the living room. His giggles when running are quite infectious.......it's hard not to giggle with him even though you're trying to wrangle him!

Warren, I mean, Mr. Mean, I mean David.......you test me with all of your being but I'd have to say, life would be so so dull with out you! Your smiles far out weigh your scowls and you make my heart so so happy!

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