ICE cold, Baby!

Internet, when Thomas Trouble was little he use to drill ice cream like you couldn't believe!

No, we didn't feed it to him ALL the time but in a family where both parents LOVE ice cream, he's following suit!

When I say he use to "drill ice cream" what I mean is that he could bite into it no matter how hard it was. He would take the biggest spoon fulls I've ever witnessed without flinching!

Can you say BRAIN FREEZE?

It didn't exist for him! Trust me, we've pushed the limits and every time, nada! Nothing would happen and he'd keep on eating that ice cream!


Things have changed. He can no longer "drill" his ice cream.

He's no longer invincible when it comes to brain freeze.

Now, when he takes a bite that's too big or too much, he'll grab his forehead and announce to everyone "BREEZE FRAIN"!

He's got it all wrong and every time I have to stop and think about what he's said.

It's kind of like a double spoonerism! The F and B have been reversed but so have the words!

And just like the way he pronounces yellow as "lellow"........I'm not ready to correct him!

KimBerly  – (June 3, 2011 at 11:30 PM)  

That's funny. I hate brain freezes. Tell him to take a sip of water. Cures it every time.

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