Hey Kid!

Well Internet, we're having a difficult time coming up with a name for Baby G3.

I never give my babies their names until after they are born. Good thing we have time because we barely have a list made!

I often ask the boys though, "what should we name our baby?"

Thomas always come up with a name.

But David........

He sternly says "Kid" every time.

It cracks me up but he is so serious and defends it.

He's got a track record for names though. Last year at Disney he got to build-a-dinosaur and he named it "Nuthin". He had completely had it by the time we were done putting the dino together and when we asked what he wanted to name it he yelled "Nuthin" so we went with it and had a good laugh over it. Still to this day he calls him "Nuthin".

"Kid" is NOT sticking though.

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