2 weeks to go....

We are in the final stretch of waiting for Baby G3 and it's proving to be tough.

I made the mistake of telling the boys a while ago that their brother would be arriving around Daddy's birthday.  Well wouldn't you know on July 11th when Thomas realized it was Daddy's birthday, his eyes lit up and said "is the baby coming today?" with such great enthusiasm.  I had to be the buzz kill and tell him no.  Every day since I've been asked "is today the day?"

Our bags are packed and G3's room is completely ready for him stocked with diapers and wipes and everything needed to welcome him home.  More torture for Thomas and David I'm sure, is that neither one of them miss a trick.  So when I put something new in the baby's room, they notice.  And they touch it and they ask a million questions.

As this is most likely the last time we'll be having a baby, I'm starting to notice the things I will miss.

One of the biggest things, Thomas' excitement feeling the baby move!  Saturday night we sat for a half hour playing "is it an arm, a leg or a baby bum?" and he would giggle with excitement and amazement that he was feeling his brother.  He sure had made this fun for me :)

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